"Eric brings back that Classic Rock sound, yet is able to stay current and relevant through his songwriting"-Garageband (2005)

"Truly first class with a heavy dose of talent"-ReverbNation(2009)

"One of the most underrated, undiscovered gems of today's music"-Fan(2011)

"I love seeing so many songs in your cue! Good luck and keep up the great writing Eric!"-Taxi(2017)

 1/21--Barlow Blues done--that's 15 done with the new recording system. Still plugging away.

 10/20--11 songs done

9/20--have 9 songs done

8/20--will concentrate solely on instrumentals

5/2020--updated my recording system. Major change. Redoing particular songs mainly for background music in TV/Movies etc. 

9/19--...Still working on Crooked Mile

5/19--7 songs done

4/2019--trudging along with Crooked Mile

12/18--Noodling sessions went well

9/18--extended hiatus

6/18--doing some side projects for various people/bands

4/18--half album done 

3/18--Working on finishing the "Crooked Mile" album at a snail's pace

1/18--working on some background music (not for any specific album)

10/17--Phoenix Zoo spot playing on TV and Radio! 

10/17--Got hired to do a jingle for the Phoenix Zoo(This'll be different)

3-1-17 Also working on some TV/Movies instrumentals or background music these. Many will be on the "Leftovers" album (obvious tentative title)
10-5-16   Currently working on an Acoustic, Acoustic/Rock, Americana-ish type of project. Aimed at writing for TV/Movies, so most are instrumentals. Will post under the Discography page under the title "Crooked Mile".
9-20-15    Heliosphere is here!! "Straight From The Source" is the new album title and up on CDBaby. Check it out at www.CDBaby.com/CD/Heliosphere!! After a year and a big break in between, it is finally finished. I decided to just name the the whole project Heliosphere as to not confuse it with my other projects. 
5-13-15      Still working on Heliosphere after an unfortunate break from any music for a while. Have 9 songs currently that only total 30 min. or so, but would like to fill up at least a couple hours of this type of music. 
2-10-15      Continue working on Heliospehere, an instrumental Electronica album designed for movies, TV, etc.
9-13-14      Currently writing music for TV, movies, commercials, etc. All instrumental electronica. More or less my side project. It will be under the title "Heliosphere" on the Discography page.
6-3-14        All 6 Eric Lazar albums are for sale (see Store page)--Impulses, Relics, Catharsis, Revolving Doors and Lick & A Promise as well as some other rarities on the Discography page.
5-13-14     "Lick & A Promise" released! Get it on sale at www.CdBaby.com/cd/ericlazar6
3-29-14     got some new songs up (check out the Discography page) under the "Lick & A Promise" CD
1-12-14      Working on 5th album of original material, tentatively titled "Lick & A Promise". 
12-21-13    Have 4 albums of original music for sale now (Impulses, Relics, Catharsis, Revolving Doors). All albums are $5.99. All songs are $0.50 each!!! Visit the STORE page to go to CDBaby or visit the DISCOGRAPHY page to hear snippets.

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